Ep. 86 – bean salad

The only disaster that can happen is not to find canned beans on the shelf :)) Well, a can of red beans mix with tomatoes, red onion and green parsley, finely chopped, plus some oil and lemon or lime juice. It is eaten with tortillas (because that’s all there is in the house :))). —

Ep. 80 – meat pie

Well, what to do when you boiled some hen in a soup, that probably caught the pre-Brexit times? ? You cook a meat pie. You take the boiled meat nicely and pass it through the mincer. Because that’s the only way it can be made edible. ? Mix the minced meat with a beaten egg

Ep. 78 – ramen

Ramen soups are a Japanese dish, an adaptation of the 19th century of Chinese wheat noodles. Traditionally, noodles are served in a chicken or fish soup, with soy sauce and various toppings (pork, seaweed, etc.). In this case, the noodles are from the package, Vietnamese. ? Yessss, from a packet of soup. :))) Boil in

Ep. 77 – baked chestnuts

I have to admit that until I got to Baia Mare I didn’t eat chestnuts. ? In recent years they have also appeared in supermarkets, but years ago you couldn’t find much of that in the store. Meanwhile, the chestnuts from Maramureș exist only with the name and the festival from September. There are two

Ep. 67 – easy cooked yellow beans

Well, the success of this ultra fast food is green or yellow beans, freshly bought from the market or store. Fresh means that when you clean it, it has no threads and when you break it it is tender. I don’t know how to explain it to you very clearly, but I can show you.

Ep. 66 – carrot and ginger soup

Yesterday two things happened simultaneously: I wanted to cook something, and I didn’t know what and I woke up having to write on the blog, and I didn’t know what. ? As a result, I ended up reading vegan recipes, as I do every time I want to relax. ? It’s just that this time

Ep. 65 – beautiful meat lasagna

Well, in recent years lasagna has been wreaking havoc on my regular menu. ? From “I don’t eat anything like that ever” to “be with vegetables or meat” believe me it took a lot of effort. And time. ? The variant below is with meat and peas. Maybe you remember the ragu sauce, in which

Ep. 62 – meatball soup

In the local culture, the classic meatball soup (or cousins, as we call it – is a Romanian language joke) is a test for the informal citizenship exam. If you destroy the aforementioned soup, you will have ninety years of bad luck, you will reincarnate as prime minister and you will never get married again.

Ep. 61 – pastas with tuna or broccoli

Many years ago I told an Italian how we eat pasta with breadcrumbs – an absolutely unimaginable thing :)) – and he gave me a recipe for pasta with tuna in exchange. Take a frying pan, throw in the contents of a can of tuna, some cloves of garlic, basil, salt, pepper, olive oil, chopped

Ep. 60 – banana pancakes with apple sauce

An option for the days when you don’t know what to eat for breakfast. ? Banana pancakes are the version with a thick dough, which still flows easily. I made you dizzy, I know! :)) Well, the quantities are approximate, because I never measure the ingredients. Sorry. 🙂 A ripe banana, crushed with a fork,

Ep. 59 – office salad

Obviously I’m a big fan of salads. And more obviously I prefer food prepared from scratch, because in this way you can control the ingredients, calories, amount of salt, sugar and so on. Well, don’t think I was born with salads under my nose. ? Plus it took me a while to form some skills

Ep. 58 – ragu

Ragu is a meat sauce invented in the XVIII-th century, which is combined with pasta. You’ve probably heard of bolognese sauce (ragu alla bolognese), which is not eaten with spaghetti, but with short pasta. Or ragu used in lasagna. I tried to make lasagna with meat about twice and it turned out pretty nasty, which

Ep. 57 – baked vegetables

More vegan than this, I do not know :))) Beets: washed, peeled, cut into thick slices, placed in a tray directly or on baking paper and sprinkled with oil, plus spices (salt, pepper, thyme, etc.). Bake over medium heat. Vegetable mix: carrot, celery, parsnip, red onion, zucchini, red pepper. The same principle, oil and spices,

Ep. 56 – pork and quince shaorma

What do you say there, Claudia, shaorma with whaaaaaat? Pork, arugula and quince, to be specific. ? Well, let me explain the process behind this disastrously good recipe. ? I read and reread Bourdain and among drops of swearing, I cooked one, two, three things, depending on what was in the fridge. Of course, I

Ep. 54- apple crumble

Grease a saucepan with a little butter. You gracefully throw away leftover apples, which you can use in a cake or compote, cleaned and cut into pieces or slices, it really doesn’t matter. Sprinkle with cinnamon and possibly cardamom and, if you want, sugar. On top, cover the layer of apples with the noodles made

Ep. 53 – crouton salad

Well, let me see, do you remember what you put in it? ? Yesssss. ❤ Canned tuna, canned corn, grated carrot and celery cut into thin slices or cubes. With regular dressing, lemon and oil. The surprise is the homemade croutons. ? Because I wanted to buy them from the store and Chef said that

Ep. 52 -fake Martini

For reasons beyond my control, I started my year with fake Martini. Which wasn’t a bad option. I mean, well, it could be much worse than that. :))) The recipe is extremely complicated and requires at least higher education. ? Fake Martini: tonic water, lemon juice, green olives. Pour into a glass, mix, add some

Ep. 51 – hummus

Well, I don’t know if I told you how excited I am about my blender. Until it, I used to have two options: to buy the hummus from the shop – sometimes is ok, other times not really or to use the meat grinder – a semi-horror experience. Ever since the blender, I threw all

Ep. 50 – marinated chicken with rice

Chicken breast, deboned and peeled, cut into small pieces. In a bowl, mix some soy sauce, honey and grated ginger (salt and pepper to taste). Add the chicken pieces and mix well, then leave them to marinate for about an hour. Fried in a wok or pan, in hot oil (be careful not to burn

Ep. 49 – brownies

Especially for the woman in you, overcooked brownies. ❤ I almost burned them – logically – but how good they came out, you can’t even imagine !!!! ? Well, I had the recipe for many years, but this is the first time I’ve done it. Which is why I kept the cake in the oven

Ep. 48 – Hawaiian pizza

Created by a Canadian Greek, Hawaiian pizza has its fans, although many say that pineapple has nothing to do in a pizza. ? Well, tastes are not discussed, and it just so happens to be one of my favorites (because mango pizza is still not in trend. :))) On the pizza top, you add tomato

Ep. 47 – salad with apples

What did the author of this picture mean? ? Well, I’ll tell you a secret, but it stays between us, okay? ? This time I made the salad, I ate it, after which I remembered that I didn’t write anywhere what I put in it… as a result I had to rummage through my memory

Ep. 45 – quick pies with cheese

Well, they turned out so good, that I was about to eat the whole tray instantly ? :)) They are made so fast, that by the time you read this week’s articles on the blog, they are ready baked. Some puff pastry dough (fresh or thawed), cut into small rectangles and fill with a cheese

Ep. 44 – vegetables with liver

As I used to tell my mother, I am eating some things I can’t believe it either. :))) In addition to the usual roots (carrot, parsnip, celery), I also combined some red onions, eggplant, pumpkin, peppers and tomatoes. Cut into pieces and put in the pan, one at a time, plus oil and spices. In

Ep. 43 – winter salad with broccoli and lemon

When you cook with pinterest and instagram, something like today’s salad comes out. ? Surprisingly, it is really edible and eye-catching. ? Well, and what did you put in it? Some broccoli boiled and pan-fried with a little olive oil and garlic scraps. (It was spoiling in the fridge.) An avocado, sliced. Some carrots on

Ep. 42 – vegetable meatballs

From my mother’s successful experiments, today we have a vegetarian product. 🙂 Grate carrots, celery, parsnips, potatoes, drain them well of juice and mix them with chopped dill, salt, pepper, egg, flour, to bind the composition. Sprinkle with flour mixed with breadcrumbs and fry in an oil bath. They are eaten hot, delivered at home.

Ep. 41 – potato soup with tarragon

I went through a period when everything I cooked had tarragon. Don’t ask me why, I have no explanations for disastrous behaviors… :))) Well, a classic soup from Transylvania. You would take a pork chop and boiled it super well, then combined it with vegetables and potatoes and seasoned with tomato juice and tarragon, plus

Ep. 27 – Chinese from the fridge

To make it on a day when you have a complete lack of imagination. I had some green beans in the fridge and after I cooked it, I realized I need some more veggies, therefore I searched through the vegetable box and got a carrot, a parsnip, a red pepper and a green zucchini. I

Ep. 25 – Another Potatoes Salad

In high school I know I had a few hours of cooking, put in after sewing and crocheting and before those about iron components (what do you know, the real .ro woman from the 90’s couldn’t iron clothes if she didn’t know how to unscrew the iron with a screwdriver…). In theory there was a

Ep. 24 – Cinnamon Rolls

5 minute variant. ? With one condition, well, maybe two. :)) Do not read the label and ignore the amount of sugar. ? You pay a nice visit to Auchan; in the bread/ cake section they sells brioche dough (you can also try in other networks or bakeries/ confectioneries). At home, spread the dough thin

Ep. 23 – Smoked Salmon Sandwich

I happened to go to the family for lunch and left with some smoked salmon. Must eat on the same day. I searched for some ideas on the internet, because my brain was having a break day, but what I liked either contained pasta (hmmmm) or other non-existent ingredients in my almost empty refrigerator. As

Ep. 18 – 3 Salad Ideas for Hot Summer Days

My general salad recipe contains variations, combinations and arrangements from the following expression: potatoes, pasta or rice (carbs) + vegetables (veggies) + meat, fish, egg, cheese, beans, chickpeas (protein) + dressing, spices. The big advantage is that it is prepared extremely quickly, especially if you have the ingredients ready to cook. ? Disaster is when

Ep. 16 – Countryside Cake with Redcurrants

Inspired rom the German countryside, a cake with a shortcrust pastry and a meringue with redcurrants and almond flakes. A perfect countryside… :))) Well, from the start I have to admit that I’m not just a mess in the kitchen, I’m also a bit masochistic :)) All year long I longed to make meringue cakes,

Special ep. – Salad for When You Travel

This time we gave up the traditional schnitzels (we have a family joke on this topic) and had a delicious salad in return (seriously, it leaves my mouth watering only when I remember it). Iceberg lettuce, grated carrot, finely chopped celery, thin slices of radishes and green parsley; put in individual casseroles and kept cold

Ep. 15 – Pork Soup with Cumin

Or a kind of goulash that is not really goulash, but is close. ? I didn’t know exactly what soup to make, although I felt like a tomato soup. In the end I took a package of some pieces of meat out of the freezer, only I couldn’t find the label and from the plane

Ep. 14 – Eggplant and Beef Moussaka

I usually prefer to make lasagna, because the chance to mess it up is lower. :)) This time I said to change and make moussaka with no meat. I half boiled some new potatoes; cut the eggplant into thicker slices and put them in the oven, in the pan, on parchment paper and seasoned with

Ep. 13 – Beet Borscht

Tell us right now, did you succeed in not altering the original recipe? Weeeell…. :)))) Inspired by our neighbors (Ukrainians, Russians or Poles, as you prefer) beet borscht can be a long soup, my case, or not, in the case of Jamie Oliver. And even a cream soup made with a blender, if you start

Ep. 12 – Fish and Potatoes Salad

Chef asks me, don’t we better make a potato salad with fish? Well, what a question. :))) The recipe is inspired by Jamie Oliver and it is so good that it is worth sharing on fast forward. 😛 Some new potatoes washed well (I use a green alien as a brush) and boiled. Some fish

Ep. 11 – Tuna with Mayo

What else did you destroy this time? :)) Nothing. ? I just modified the recipe a bit, through the essential parts. :))) Well, I combined a canned tuna with red onion and green olives, a little mayonnaise, salt, pepper and lemon juice. I saw on the internet that celery is usually added and mayonnaise is

Ep. 10 – Cherry Tart

And what do we have today Fräulein? Eine kleine cherry pie. 🙂 Officially it’s one of the most complicated things I’ve ever done, considering that only the baking time exceeds one whole hour. Eine ganze Stunde !!! OMGosh… (Who does not understand the meaning of this, does not cook recipes for up to 15 minutes

Ep. 8 – Sort of Asian Soup

Well Claudia, don’t tell us you burned the soup too?!! :)))) I didn’t burned it, but I was close. 🙂 Yes, I know, I am a disaster. 🙂 This is a classic story: I put some thighs in a pot of water and started the fire. After that I went to the laptop, only for

Ep. 7 – Stuffed Eggplant

I’ve cooked it in the past, but of course I deviated from the original recipe. ? İmam bayıldı as it is called in the original language, it contains eggplant plus onion, garlic and tomatoes and a ton of olive oil (from which the imam is said to have fainted, of emotion that his wife consumed

Ep. 6 – Rhubarb and Meringue Cake

You can find that great recipe online. I would have done it too, I just forgot to buy milk from the store. Well, I’ve been craving this cake since the heat started, but that doesn’t mean I’m also planned. :))) So I found myself in front of the heated oven, with some of the ingredients

Ep. 5 – Macedonian stew with chickpeas and eggplant

I was actually looking for cupcake ideas when I came across a book with Mediterranean recipes. On this occasion I found out that not only did the Turks take our stuffed cabbage rolls and eggplants on bread, but the Greeks also make traditional bean soup (lol), and the Spaniards make cousins soup…. uuups, meat balls.

Ep. 4 – Transylvanian Chilli

Onions, garlic, carrots, parsnips, peppers if you have, finely chopped, plus oil, salt, pepper, paprika, some hot peppers, for sure cumin, oregano or basil, plus canned tomatoes, plus some smoked meat as it is made in Transylvania, plus canned red beans. Chilli is made with minced beef, at some point I will make the original

Ep. 3 – Oat Cookies

Habemus the recipe. 🙂 In the first bowl we mix 250 g butter, 220 g sugar (brown, if you have) until the sugar melts (so looooong ???), then add 2 eggs, first one, then the other – by hand or with a mixer? the answer is yes; the butter should be cold or at room

Ep. 2 – Some Quince

Recipes for disasters as big as me. ❤ For everyone else there are specialized cooking sites. 🙂 In order to make this recipe, first of all you must have the right ambiance: Pink, listened loudly and about 2-3 utensils dropped by mistake on the tiles, in the neighbor’s head in the apartment below (if you

Ep. 1 – Pretzel from Frau Merkel

This year all articles with my kitchen experiments will be labeled “disaster in the kitchen”. Because there will be recipes for disasters as big as me. 😀 For everyone else there are specialized cooking sites. ? At the end of last year I wanted to make breadsticks. From the recipe on the internet it seemed