Ep. 78 – ramen

Ramen soups are a Japanese dish, an adaptation of the 19th century of Chinese wheat noodles. Traditionally, noodles are served in a chicken or fish soup, with soy sauce and various toppings (pork, seaweed, etc.).

In this case, the noodles are from the package, Vietnamese. ? Yessss, from a packet of soup. :))) Boil in water and strain. Then put them in the bowl.

The soup is chicken soup, made from some chicken legs boiled over low heat, with salt, pepper, an onion, a carrot and half a pepper. Ideally, it should be more concentrated and without too much fat. Strained and mixed with soy sauce, chopped ginger and a clove of chopped garlic and left on the fire for a few minutes. Some more rice vinegar would have worked, if I hadn’t forgotten about it. :))) When it’s ready, pour it over the noodles.

On top, toppings: chopped green onions, chopped red peppers, chicken, half a boiled egg.

It is full, spicy and is eaten until you say “disaster”!

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