Ep. 62 – meatball soup

In the local culture, the classic meatball soup (or cousins, as we call it – is a Romanian language joke) is a test for the informal citizenship exam. If you destroy the aforementioned soup, you will have ninety years of bad luck, you will reincarnate as prime minister and you will never get married again. ? Of course, if you share this article 7 times you will cut your bad luck and your soup will come out as great…

As with any other respectable soup, we have several options. In that very good version (which is eaten directly from the pot) you start by boiling some pork or beef bones with its meat, then, when it is cooked, you remove it from the bones, then add the vegetables and meatballs.

Because we have already established that I do not have the talent in the kitchen – well, disasteeeeeeer!!! – we will test the quick version. In which we will fry some vegetables in a pot, e.g. carrot, parsley, celery, pepper, onion, cleaned and chopped, along with salt, pepper, vegeta, oil, we will fill the pot with water and when it starts boiling, we will add the meatballs. These are a mixture of minced meat with rice, a raw egg and spices; if you want them beautiful and equal (assuming you want to impress the audience), you prepare them in time, with a teaspoon, you put them on a tray. If not, use the classic way, by hand, round them and release them in the pot. Let it simmer over low heat until appropriate, until meat and vegetables are cooked through.

In the most unfortunate situation, when the result is very bad, I know a place where you can eat an extremely good meatball soup. ? ?

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