Ep. 13 – Beet Borscht

Tell us right now, did you succeed in not altering the original recipe? Weeeell…. :))))

Inspired by our neighbors (Ukrainians, Russians or Poles, as you prefer) beet borscht can be a long soup, my case, or not, in the case of Jamie Oliver. And even a cream soup made with a blender, if you start reading vegan books (better not :)))). I took the red cabbage out of the recipe, because I didn’t have any :D, and I thought of replacing it with potatoes. It’s just that until I remember them, the borscht was boiled and I ate it. :)))

Well, how to do it: finely chop red onion, garlic, celery, carrots, tomatoes and beets and throw them in a pot with salt, pepper, vegeta, oil, basil and sautee the vegetables, then add water or meat or vegetable stock (if you are talented); if you want the version with red cabbage, add chopped one; if you want potatoes, put them towards the end, cut into pieces.

It has a beautiful color and it tastes super good (if you haven’t forgotten to season it :))). I let the vegetables be a little crunchy, because I don’t like super cooked ones.

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