Ep. 43 – winter salad with broccoli and lemon

When you cook with pinterest and instagram, something like today’s salad comes out. ? Surprisingly, it is really edible and eye-catching. ?

Well, and what did you put in it? Some broccoli boiled and pan-fried with a little olive oil and garlic scraps. (It was spoiling in the fridge.) An avocado, sliced. Some carrots on the small grater. Pomegranate seeds. (It’s food, it’s not dessert, relax. ?) Some almond flakes. Half a lemon squeezed with the alien. (Seriously, that’s the name of the citrus torture tool.)

The vegan lady who shared the recipe on pinterest, combined broccoli with cauliflower and kale… let’s not exaggerate though… :)) also with goat cheese.

It is said that if you eat this winter salad, you will get a healthy seasonal glow. ?

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