Ep. 91 – 321 dough (linzer, isler)

Well, you will see the best pictures today, the ones for guests, but to get to this level I can tell you that I burned a few trays of cookies in the last two or three Christmases. 🙂 Dough 321 as I name it, to make it easier to remember, is a very fine dough

Special ep. – panettone

When you don’t know how to make brioche, what do you do? You make panettone. 🙂 On one of the few times I tried to make a brioche, it grew, looked impeccable, but had no taste. Because I forgot to put salt in it. :))) It’s just that this year I discovered some candied fruits

Ep. 90 – pork and rice salad

Pork and rice salad. With Granny Smith apples, nuts, honey and thyme. If I translated correctly from Jamie Oliver’s book. If not, that’s what I put in it anyway. :)))) Well, I have to admit that a lot of the salads caught my eye and it was a little hard to choose, but the ingredients

Cookingbookclub 6 | Jamies’s recipes

The last book of the year to read & cook was Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook. And now, good news and bad news, which do you want first? ? The bad one, I knew it. :)) It says that those many recipes are still in the works, because everyone was busy, plus, maximum disaster !!!!, Chef

Ep. 89 – a side of carrots with oranges

As you may know, Romanians eat a lot of potatoes compared to other nations. The Romanians from Transylvania are famous because they know how to put potatoes in everything, including bread. ? Well, if you’re tired of potatoes and want to change (or maybe you want to combine potatoes with something new, lol ??: D),

Learned lessons (2)

I admit, it’s been a funny year. ? And for someone like me, with a lot of ideas in my head, but with problems of mobilization and completion, the fact that I managed to publish one recipe a week – even if I cheated a little, that they were not all cooked by me –