Ep. 65 – beautiful meat lasagna

Well, in recent years lasagna has been wreaking havoc on my regular menu. ? From “I don’t eat anything like that ever” to “be with vegetables or meat” believe me it took a lot of effort. And time. ?

The variant below is with meat and peas. Maybe you remember the ragu sauce, in which we add some peas at the end.

In a tray we put some oil and tomato/ meat sauce, after which we will have a layer of pasta, a layer of ragu, a layer of mozzarella and so on, about 3-4 layers. Ragu to have more juice and to be warm, the pasta sheets are put raw. You can prepare lasagna from today for tomorrow – keep it in the fridge when it has cooled. Cook it in the oven, medium heat, about half an hour or more.

I usually put 4 rows of pasta and 3 rows of ragu or vegetables and on the top sheet I put cheese and some tomato sauce. And I keep the pasta in hot water for about 5 minutes beforehand. The idea is to have enough sauce, including on top, otherwise the pasta will remain uncooked, but do not boil it too much. From experience, after a few trials you start to get caught up with the time, temperature, quantities and so on. ?

Sounds disastrously good, but no bechamel sauce? Let’s not exaggerate though. :)))

The next round we do with vegetables (it will be the same, except the sauce between pasta). ?

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