Ep. 66 – carrot and ginger soup

Yesterday two things happened simultaneously: I wanted to cook something, and I didn’t know what and I woke up having to write on the blog, and I didn’t know what. ?

As a result, I ended up reading vegan recipes, as I do every time I want to relax. ? It’s just that this time I had to burn something in the kitchen too, because my stomach was screaming with hunger. :)))

Well, I admit, I was about to give in and do something with lime, coconut, basil and corn, but the feedback was not too glorious. ? I also refused the tomato soup from the family catering. Like a princess, exactly. :)) But I was saved at the last second by a fabulous recipe of carrot and ginger cream soup with bread croutons. Perfect for the heat outside.

In the original version, some carrots, ginger and cumin seeds are boiled, blended, to be a cream soup, after which they are served with fried cumin seeds, chopped green parsley and some slices of toast. In my version the soup is liquid and is a base of vegetables (onions, carrots, celery, green peppers) with finely chopped or lightly blended vegetables, which are then mixed with carrot and ginger cut into small sticks and cumin seeds, fried in a spoon of olive oil. When is ready, I added some chopped green parsley on top and whole grain pretzels, because that’s what I had around the house.

Because I am a disaster, it came out a little spicy. :))) But I ate everything, down to the last drop. ?

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