Ep. 39 – the last one in 2018 :)

The end of this year is with stuffed cabbage, pickles, potatoes – the good ones made in a tray and cakes. ? And with the realization that so, disastrously, the kitchen has been warm and good since last year and until now. What I wish you for next year. ❤ I am not gonna tell

Ep. 38 – quick winter salad

Boiled potatoes, finely chopped, after cooling (preferably red potatoes, because the white ones become powdery). Boiled chicken, finely chopped (chicken breast, thighs, it does not matter). Some chopped celery. Or chopped green parsley, depending on what you have around the house. Baked red peppers, also cut into small pieces. Salt and pepper. Mayonnaise and pickled

Special ep. – Christmas gingerbread

Gingerbread, turtă dulce, Lebkuchen. A variety of biscuits sweetened with honey or molasses and seasoned with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and especially cloves. It is said that in the beginning they were recommended for indigestion, to later be part of the traditional Christmas sweets. It is also true that the spices are perfect for the cold

Ep. 37 – blueberry muffins

1 cup sugar, half a packet of butter (100-125 g), 2 large eggs, half a cup of milk, 2 cups flour, 1 cup frozen blueberries, salt, baking powder and vanilla sugar. (1 cup of 250 ml) Ingredients at room temperature. It’s just that my butter was from the freezer, so I put it in the

Ep. 36 – mango smoothie

Useful for the holidays, when you hope that this year will be the last time your friends visit you. :)) Or, even better, when you want to test his beloved love – if he drinks the glass to the end and does not run away eating the earth, is a catch, keep it, because a