About the blog

TRANSLATION IN EN: is a work in progress. Until finalized, please check the Romanian version and use google translate. Thanks. 🙂

“Disaster in the Kitchen” treats with irony and humor my personal experiences in the kitchen. You can have two left hands, but that’s not a reason to go hungry or just eat crap. 🙂

I cook out of necessity, because I am picky and allergic (disastrous combination !!!), and because although the year 2000 has passed, the miracle pill that keeps hunger away has not yet been invented. 🙂 Over the years I have learned to do everything from scratch, to read labels, to calculate calories (work in progress) and not to burn the kitchen. :))

I’m lucky that the whole family cooks, my brother is a Chef (yup, I know ❤️) and I have gourmet friends. Plus an understanding entourage, who does not comment on my experiments (too loudly …). 😛

I started to write about my experiences in the kitchen at the beginning of 2018, on my personal blog. Cooking with Nikon and later with my smartphone, I pushed myself to try new things, to diversify what I eat and to make the experience more fun, because honestly, it’s really boring to burn things in the kitchen. :))) Since 2020 the blog has moved to its own domain, because I have so many recipes to destroy! :))))

Oana and Carmen are my friends who burn recipes in the kitchen, from time to time, a process that ends, well, in more than edible items. 😀

The lessons I have learned in 2018 – here, 2019 – here, 2020 – here, 2021 – here, 2022 – here, 2023 – here.

Principles addressed: anyone can cook anything (practice kills us 😀 ), creativity is the basis, any recipe can be adapted to personal needs & values, healthy food means WHO and Myplate recommendations, American nutritional guide, zero waste (if possible), multiculturalism.

The recipes are for carnivores unless they are vegetarian/ vegan/ gluten free/ etc. They can be adapted most of the time, in which case you will find the information at the end of the article.

Since English is not my first language, if an article sounds strange or the instructions are not easy to follow, please send me a feedback. 🙂