Ep. 5 – Macedonian stew with chickpeas and eggplant

I was actually looking for cupcake ideas when I came across a book with Mediterranean recipes. On this occasion I found out that not only did the Turks take our stuffed cabbage rolls and eggplants on bread, but the Greeks also make traditional bean soup (lol), and the Spaniards make cousins soup…. uuups, meat balls. ? The cool part is that all these dishes, although they look alike, are made slightly differently, probably depending on the local ingredients, so we can still brag about them with our Dacian traditional dishes. 🙂

Well, spare us with the philosophy and tell us how to make the famous stew with chickpeas. 🙂

The recipe says that you saute in olive oil (yes, from the olive tree in the yard :)) or the local version, as you prefer) some onions, some bell peppers and some garlic, then add canned boiled chickpeas, eggplant cut into pieces and canned tomatoes and / or tomatoes; plus bay leaves, oregano, salt and pepper; top with water and let it simmer in the oven. The version with mint and paprika is called maghmour and is Lebanese, the version with cumin, cinnamon and slightly hot would be Moroccan. You can eat it with flatbread or rice. Or with the fork. :))

It’s the third thing I do with chickpeas, besides hummus and salad. It’s not sensational, but when you’re tired of potatoes and pasta, it can be an alternative.

Well, did you set the kitchen on fire? Did you burn at least three fingers? Nope, as ads tell us, during the making of this recipe no character and no instrument suffered. 🙂

See here all the disasters in the kitchen. 🙂

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