Ep. 67 – easy cooked yellow beans

Well, the success of this ultra fast food is green or yellow beans, freshly bought from the market or store. Fresh means that when you clean it, it has no threads and when you break it it is tender. I don’t know how to explain it to you very clearly, but I can show you. :))

We prepare the string beans before anything else. We clean it, break it into smaller pieces, wash it thoroughly and put it to boil in a large pot with boiling water and some salt for a few minutes. The idea is to be edible, but crunchy – pre-cooked. ? Drain it and rinse well.

In a pan or saucepan we put some chopped onions, chopped garlic, salt, pepper, oil and, if you want, carrots and peppers, finely chopped. On the fire, lightly harden, then add the preheated beans, a little water and chopped sausage. Let it boil until we like the consistency of the string beans. It will be a disaster if the water evaporates and we burn it – NO! Or if we boil it until it’s mushy – NO!

Pre-cooked beans can be frozen for later when we need it.

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