[cakesandcoffee 3] – Cardamom Coffee Affogato

From the special series #cakesandcoffee today we have a very special recipe, a combined dessert, ice cream and coffee. 🙂 Affogato is an Italian dessert, based on coffee, respectively a cup of vanilla ice cream “drowns” in a shot of hot espresso. Newer recipes combine the two ingredients with liqueur, but I think the basic

Special ep. [fromcommunism] – fake pate

To the disasters of the wide world, if you manage to cook and eat something like that, you have all my admiration. 🙂 As the theme of the month was the recipes from communism, today we have another one, also from Oana’s mother’s notebooks. Well maybe from the internet you have the impression that in

Special ep. [fromcommunism] – căcăuele

Well, but what are “căcăuele”? 🙂 They are small cakes with jam, cocoa and nuts, similar to muffins and cut with a glass, in the shape of a crescent. Hence the name in Romanian – the synonym for crescent is “semilună”. The recipe comes from Oana’s mother’s notebook. 🙂 You need 3 eggs, 1 cup

Cookingbookclub 9 | recipes from communism

As you remember, this year we are cooking from #321sourcesofinspiration, the proposal of the month being to search the archives for communist books, that maybe a recipe catches our eye. From a 1962 salad book I found a recipe romantically titled “Vitamin Potato Salad.” At first I thought that as a dressing you pour some

Ep. 114 – bruschetta with tomatoes

This month we have a series of disastrously simple but super fancy recipes to impress your friends. 🙂 Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer with different toppings, from tomatoes with basil to vegetables, sausages or cheese. Today we have the classic version, with four ingredients and 15 minutes of preparation. 🙂 But the end result, maaamaaaamiiiiiiaaaa,