Special ep. [withyeastandflour] – French toast

Well, this competitive break is good for something. 😀 For example, I found out that the bread in the egg, which you know as ‘frigănele’, is actually French toast. If I stretch the egg with water, others use milk; plus the topping can be honey, or sugar, or sweet and spicy syrups. Like some kind

Ep. 104 – Chinese with chicken [ironic]

Well, I had saved this episode for a cake, given that it’s Happy Birthday season. 🙂 We will have that episode in summer-autumn… As a result, ironically and with a day or two later, a Chinese recipe. With chicken, vegetables and rice. Take a chicken breast, wash it, cut it, season with salt and pepper

Ep. 103 – Bavarian pretzel with cheese sauce

When your hunger (and creativity) gnaws at you at sunset, the result is (still) an experiment #disasterinthekitchen. 🙂 Normally, if someone had invited me to a cheese sauce, I think I would have been shocked for half the day and politely refused. But because I made it, it was very good, thank you very much.

Ep.102 – Moroccan couscous

Since the time when one of my many personalities was in Morocco. 🙂 Couscous, hot water to cover it and vegeta (or salt and pepper). For 15 minutes or until all the water has evaporated. Dried apricots, dried dates and raisins, if you like. Cut into small pieces. Canned boiled chickpeas, drained of juice and

Cookingbookclub 8

Well, spring comes tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and with it a new proposal for our #cookingbookclub of this month. I hope you haven’t forgotten that this year we have the #321sourcesofinspiration for our disastrous cooking. 3 Romanian sites, 2 surprise books and 1 piece of Youtube channel. The second proposal is the Mega

Ep. 101 – PB&J

If I hadn’t been hit in the head by spring asthenia, I would have given you the recipe for Cosmopolitan. 🙂 That’s how you’ll have to settle for a high-calorie recipe that contains carbs, protein and fat, plus gluten and sugar. Yes, mother of all disasters in the kitchen, the American version of the classic