Ep. 12 – Fish and Potatoes Salad

Chef asks me, don’t we better make a potato salad with fish? Well, what a question. :)))

The recipe is inspired by Jamie Oliver and it is so good that it is worth sharing on fast forward. 😛

Some new potatoes washed well (I use a green alien as a brush) and boiled. Some fish baked on parchment paper, with olive oil, spices and lemon – I used mackerel fillets, but next time I’ll change it with code. If you have smoked fish (herring, mackerel) it’s super ok and then you don’t have to bake it.

In a bowl put the boiled potatoes, cut into large pieces and add on top of the red pepper, red onion, and fresh hot pepper, cut into thin slices, freshly chopped dill, salt, pepper.

Mix the vegetables with a dressing made of mayonnaise, lime (or lemon) juice and mustard. Of course you may not have anything to put on the salad if the devil made you try the dressing before. :))) I would have eaten it on the bread… or why waste the bread, directly with the teaspoon, from the bowl. :)))

Add the fish on top.

You will gonna lick your fingers, that’s so good (also the plate). :)))

Well and you didn’t destroy anything? I was about to destroy the potatoes, but I took them from the fire in time. ? The dressing was made by Chef, otherwise I don’t know what came out of it. :)))

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