Ep. 78 – ramen

Ramen soups are a Japanese dish, an adaptation of the 19th century of Chinese wheat noodles. Traditionally, noodles are served in a chicken or fish soup, with soy sauce and various toppings (pork, seaweed, etc.). In this case, the noodles are from the package, Vietnamese. 🙂 Yessss, from a packet of soup. :))) Boil in

Ep. 77 – baked chestnuts

I have to admit that until I got to Baia Mare I didn’t eat chestnuts. 🙂 In recent years they have also appeared in supermarkets, but years ago you couldn’t find much of that in the store. Meanwhile, the chestnuts from Maramureș exist only with the name and the festival from September. There are two

Cookingbookclub 5

We have two more books and the year is over. 🙂 This year’s number five book to read & cook is The Oh She Glows Cookbook, by Angela Liddon. There is also a sequel to the book, if you are passionate about vegan recipes, you might like it. You can safely skip the introductory part

Ep. 76 – pickled salad

I don’t know about others, but when I think of pickles, I salivate instantly! :)) It is true that due to global warming we no longer consume so many pickles (or because we no longer drink alcohol ?? 😀), but Xmas cannot come if we have not made at least one pickled salad. 🙂 Well,

Special ep. – Oktoberfest Marillenknödel

As the guys say, Ich wart’ seit WochenAuf diesen TagUnd tanz’ vor Freude, über den Asphalt Die Toten Hosen, Tage wie diese Well dear cats, you didn’t think you’d escape without a special Oktoberfest episode with something sweet and sour, did you? 😉 Marillenknödel or apricot dumplings come from the Austro-Czech area, but are also

Ep. 75 – Oktoberfest, Bavarian feast with local ingredients

Grüß Gott, meine lieben Katzen, because since yesterday we are officially in Oktoberfest, today we have Bavarian food, directly from Kronstadt. 😀 Well, what to do, globalization. :)) I searched for a day through recipes to see what to choose for today and I must admit that it was extremely difficult. In the end I