Ep. 95 – grilled polenta with cheese (bulz)

In honor of a new day off, today we have a traditional recipe, which comes from the Thracians who traveled to the new world and returned with the corn cobs back. 😛 To get it out, you need quality bellows cheese (brânză de burduf, in Romanian). At least that’s what my mother says, who is

Ep. 94 – granola bars

In recent years I have tried different options to make granola bar (or cereal bars/ flapjack/ muesli bar) and I am still working to find the perfect recipe. 🙂 For a while I bought similar bars from the store, the problem with them is the very large amount of sugar, to which are added the

Cookingbookclub 7

Welcome to 2020! I hope the pots, spoons and your hob are ready for a new season #disasterinthekitchen. 🙂 Don’t panic if you burn something, we all know that lightly burnt food is the best… plus you get the badges of honor of our extremely select club. 😛 This year we deviate a little from

Ep. 93 – couscous with carrots and almonds

Well, today we have the kind of food that can be, as the case may be, the main course or side dish. 🙂 In fact, the recipe was with bulgur, only it is fine, thank you, on the store shelf. 🙂 So I found the couscous in the pantry. I put a cup with about

Ep. 92 – turkey drowning soup: D

Well, if we all ended up healthy in the new year twenty-twenty, I stole a recipe from my friends with Hungarian grandparents. 😛 Pulyka nyuvaszto or turkey drowning soup translated takes you out of the drunkenness of the holidays with the speed of Transylvanian light. 🙂 How do you make a turkey drowning soup? In