Ep. 58 – ragu

Ragu is a meat sauce invented in the XVIII-th century, which is combined with pasta. You’ve probably heard of bolognese sauce (ragu alla bolognese), which is not eaten with spaghetti, but with short pasta. Or ragu used in lasagna.

I tried to make lasagna with meat about twice and it turned out pretty nasty, which is why I stayed with the vegetarian version, still dreaming when I will be able to make an edible meat sauce…. And it happened that we came from Cluj, and on the way, to talk – about what? – food, so I stole the next recipe from the Chef. ?

Minced pork or beef or mixture, salt, pepper, minced garlic and onion, put on the fire with some oil, until the meat changes color, then add 1-2 glasses of water to cover the meat. Bring to a boil over low heat, when the water has dropped, add vegetables (if you want, e.g. carrots, parsley, peppers) and tomato juice, spices (thyme, basil, mint, etc.) and more water (I think I put 2 glasses or more), possibly some wine and let it boil well, over low heat, until the water evaporates again and the sauce thickens. And obviously, the meat is well cooked.

Officially, I think it’s one of the most complicated things I’ve ever done, because I’ve been cooking the sauce for almost 4 hours. ?

The good part is that you can make a larger portion, then put it in boxes/ bags and freeze it for the next time when you don’t have time to cook.

The bad part is that I didn’t have time to put anything in the freezer, because I ate it with pasta, in lasagna and with a spoon, straight from the pot. :))))

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