Ep. 35 – apple tart

I intended to make a plum tart, only to find out that I had no edible fruits, while I had already made the dough. So an apple tart came out, a really good one. :)) Three large apples, cut into cubes and put on the fire, in a saucepan (sugar is optional), until softened, at

Ep. 34 – fish tacos

Everything from scratch and adapted, because well, we are on the wrong continent. 🙂 Salsa: a raw mango, more sour than lemons – the specialty of local supermarkets – combined with some canned papaya, a red pepper and some pickled jalapenos. Finely chopped, let the flavors mix. Fish: fish fillets – cod, in my case

Ep. 33 – yogurt pie

Well, let’s me tell you, I have an extremely complicated relationship with dairy products. But some year ago I attended a course in Bucharest, where I discovered chees puffs. After several years (I told you, complicated) I started to appreciate the cheese pies from Obor. And after many more years, I didn’t turn my nose

Ep. 32 – cake with poppy seeds and berries

This is some unbelievable recipe that I tried.. :)))) Do you know all those beautiful pictures on pinterest and professional blogs with cakes as if they were taken out of the magazine? Well, they’re just in magazines, right? :)))) Because in reality they look like the mixture below. 😛 So, at one point I looked

Ep. 31 – sort of tabbouleh

It is a sort of tabbouleh, because it does not have bulgur (the natives say that it must be salad with bulgur anyway and not bulgur with salad 🙂), although the base is all green parsley. In the Mediterranean tabbouleh, chopped parsley is mixed with green or red onions, as appropriate, some fresh mint, chopped