Ep. 15 – Pork Soup with Cumin

Or a kind of goulash that is not really goulash, but is close. ?

I didn’t know exactly what soup to make, although I felt like a tomato soup. In the end I took a package of some pieces of meat out of the freezer, only I couldn’t find the label and from the plane it seemed to be something between pork and beef. There were really pieces of pork, that is why the tomato soup turned into a pork soup. With vegetables from the fridge. :)) In this case carrots, onions, parsnips, green peppers and frozen green beans. I would have put celery, but I forgot about it, because it was in the freezer. :)) And I prepared the green beans as a second course, as a result I had a rather empty soup and not many options, no more beans or potatoes. Disaster, I told you. :)))

Well I solve it in the end, with some cumin, vegeta, two chopped tomatoes and dumplings – csipetke (made from egg and flour). Then I realized that if I put beef and possibly a potato, plus some paprika, it would have been a mama mia goulash. :))))

It tastes super good, probably because I cooked the meat and vegetables properly. :))) Next time I put more water, because if I didn’t know who cooked it, I could have sworn she’s a Transylvanian from Sibiu. :))))

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