Ep. 8 – Sort of Asian Soup

Well Claudia, don’t tell us you burned the soup too?!! :))))

I didn’t burned it, but I was close. 🙂 Yes, I know, I am a disaster. 🙂

This is a classic story: I put some thighs in a pot of water and started the fire. After that I went to the laptop, only for five minutes… yap, I woke up to reality when it smelled like soup in all the apartment, at which point I broke the world record for running to the kitchen. :)) Luckily nothing burned (this time), but from my soup pot for a week was just a portion left. :)) So I had to improvise. Again.

I sautéed some vegetables – carrots, peppers and some red onions, over which I added a handful of frozen vegetables (I have some in case of emergency) and some water, after which I added Asian noodle, soy sauce and finally, the concentrated soup and the chopped chicken meat.

Two generous portions came out from this experience and they were quite edible. And it reminded me of the Vietnamese shrimp soup I ate in the States. It would be an idea for next time when I want to spoil a soup. :)))

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