Ep. 24 – Cinnamon Rolls

5 minute variant. ? With one condition, well, maybe two. :)) Do not read the label and ignore the amount of sugar. ?

You pay a nice visit to Auchan; in the bread/ cake section they sells brioche dough (you can also try in other networks or bakeries/ confectioneries). At home, spread the dough thin in a rectangle, on top of it spread half a packet of soft butter and sprinkle it with brown or caster sugar and cinnamon; if you want you can add nuts, hazelnuts, raisins, etc. Carefully roll the dough lengthwise, then cut the slices one finger thick and place them in the stove tray, on the baking paper at a distance, with the rolled side up. A tray of rolls comes out of one dough. This part shouldn’t take more than five or ten minutes. ?

Leave the tray for about half an hour at room temperature, during which time the rolls will rise until they come together, which is ok. Then bake in the oven for about half an hour or until the dough is done.

If you want to put icing on top, it’s powdered sugar mixed with water, vanilla and some butter (but don’t complain after that it’s too sweet :))).

To be consumed with a hot black coffee. ❤ It is disastrously good. ❤

And if I can’t find dough at Auchan, what do I do? You learn to make the dough (with a good mixer it is made quite quickly, but of course, the best one is the one kneaded by hand, at 5 in the morning, as my grandma used to…) or call a friend. ?

What if I don’t understand anything you wrote above? Well, what a small disaster you are (you too), look for the recipe on youtube. :))

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