Ep. 56 – pork and quince shaorma

What do you say there, Claudia, shaorma with whaaaaaat? Pork, arugula and quince, to be specific. ?

Well, let me explain the process behind this disastrously good recipe. ? I read and reread Bourdain and among drops of swearing, I cooked one, two, three things, depending on what was in the fridge. Of course, I also made a list of what I would have liked to cook, but, as we already know, my lists are only indicative. In the happiest case. :))))

As a result, on a day with too much sun outside (seriously, I want a little, every day, not a sunny day and a week of cold and rain: D), I found that 1, I have to cook some food, something super fast, 2, I don’t feel like eating the yesterday food, although I could recycle steak pork and 3, ooooo, yeah, I have some pitas that need to be eaten, because I don’t want to freeze them.

So I found 2 ingredients, the shaorma/wrap pita and a piece of pork already cooked and sliced, I needed to combine them with something. Some arugula, because I had to finish it and a sauce. Of course I could have used the classic mayo, ketchup and yogurt sauce, but my brain was activated at the sight of the jar of homemade quince jam. Yummmy. I also threw a pickle cucumber (bought from lidl/ kaufland which is more sweet than sour), wrapped the ingredients well and enjoyed them with an episode of Billions.

The only major disaster is that I will soon run out of quince jam… ?

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