[crashcourseincooking 6] – salad’s magic formula

For me, salads are simply magical, because you can have n-combinations and arrangements, they are made in the blink of an eye, they are nutritious, for all whims, cravings and allergies; In addition, you can cook them in the harshest conditions, even outdoors, without too many utensils. So here’s the formula: potatoes, pasta, rice, tortillas

[crashcourseincooking 5] – the planning

It’s not just the cooking itself that goes fast and easy if you follow the same simple steps. How do I plan my shopping? How do I make the most of my kitchen space? What about the freezer and the pantry? How do I stop throwing food? If you start from scratch, the first time

[crashcourseincooking 4] – the cooking

I go into the kitchen with a lot of energy, I’m cooking today! How to cook as fast and easy as possible? How do I organize myself and avoid accidents? And how do I make sure that I am not putting my kitchen on fire? And don’t burn the food? 🙂 Cooking itself is a

[crashcourseincooking 3] – the must have ingredients

I found a perfect recipe, now all I have to do is make a list of ingredients. Maybe I have them around the house, in the fridge, freezer or pantry? Or do I have to go shopping… What kind of ingredients must be in the kitchen? It is logical that in addition to the utensils,

[crashcourseincooking 2] – the recipes

I have a kitchen equipped with all the utensils, but what should I cook? Do I buy cookbooks? Do I search for recipes on the internet? Do I call my mother (father)? Or do I call my neighbor from the second floor? 🙂 Many of us have learned to cook from our parents or grandparents,

[crashcourseincooking 1] – the tools

You want to cook at home, but you don’t know if you have all the necessary utensils. What should you have in the kitchen so you can cook fast, varied and safe? Do you need to have the kitchen equipped like on a TV shows or can you make it with a pot and a

[crashcourseincooking 0] – intro

Dear disasters of the wide world, directly from our colorful studios, we launch today the first season of the Crash Course in Cooking. The season has 6 episodes and is intended for all those who want to cook from scratch, without having cooked anything before. One thing I’ve learned in recent months is that you