Ep. 26 – plum dumplings (bonus, some corn)

Assuming you haven’t made all the plums jam or brandy, it’s time to celebrate the end of September with a large pot of plum dumplings (gomboți, Zwetschgenknodel, szilvasgomboc, Knedle ze śliwkami). While you say dumpling using all those versions, remove the kernel from the plums, leaving them, if possible, whole. ? If you don’t succeed,

Lessons learned

I liked what Stephen King writes in On Writing, that good ideas can come from anywhere, and that ideas that previously had nothing to do with each other can be put together for a new outcome. What he says about writing can be applied to any field – only those who have not worked with

Ep. 25 – Another Potatoes Salad

In high school I know I had a few hours of cooking, put in after sewing and crocheting and before those about iron components (what do you know, the real .ro woman from the 90’s couldn’t iron clothes if she didn’t know how to unscrew the iron with a screwdriver…). In theory there was a

Ep. 24 – Cinnamon Rolls

5 minute variant. ? With one condition, well, maybe two. :)) Do not read the label and ignore the amount of sugar. ? You pay a nice visit to Auchan; in the bread/ cake section they sells brioche dough (you can also try in other networks or bakeries/ confectioneries). At home, spread the dough thin

Ep. 23 – Smoked Salmon Sandwich

I happened to go to the family for lunch and left with some smoked salmon. Must eat on the same day. I searched for some ideas on the internet, because my brain was having a break day, but what I liked either contained pasta (hmmmm) or other non-existent ingredients in my almost empty refrigerator. As