Ep. 69 – and even more beautiful veggie lasagna

For years, a picture of a box of German lasagna haunted me. Between the layers of pasta you could see the juicy vegetables, super artistically arranged and layers of nauseating bechamel sauce. ? Luckily I became an adult and discovered that, well, the recipes exist to be changed. :)) Which is why I started making

Ep. 68 – cornbread (gluten free)

Well, at the request of the fans we have the recipe earlier, but be careful, it comes with a disclaimer: this recipe is actually a great improvisation, built on the ingredients in the fridge. ? I wanted to make cornbread – a kind of bread-cake made with corn, traditional in the southern USA (from what

Special ep. – peach jam

Well, I said it would be the easiest thing. I made quince jam in five minutes, so it would be the same. :)))) Yessss… or maybe not really. ? 2 kilograms of peaches, well washed and cleaned of seeds and peeled (kept for a few minutes in hot water), plus 1 kilogram of nectarines. Plus

Ep. 67 – easy cooked yellow beans

Well, the success of this ultra fast food is green or yellow beans, freshly bought from the market or store. Fresh means that when you clean it, it has no threads and when you break it it is tender. I don’t know how to explain it to you very clearly, but I can show you.

Ep. 66 – carrot and ginger soup

Yesterday two things happened simultaneously: I wanted to cook something, and I didn’t know what and I woke up having to write on the blog, and I didn’t know what. ? As a result, I ended up reading vegan recipes, as I do every time I want to relax. ? It’s just that this time

Cookingbookclub 4

The book number four to read & cook is The Big Book of Backyard Cooking 250 Favorite Recipes for Enjoying the Great Outdoors. I guess you’ll like it a loooooot. ? Because we upgrade from the classic grilled minced meat rolls with potato salad, eaten outdoor to many variants of burgers, salads and other stuff.