Ep. 59 – office salad

Obviously I’m a big fan of salads. And more obviously I prefer food prepared from scratch, because in this way you can control the ingredients, calories, amount of salt, sugar and so on.

Well, don’t think I was born with salads under my nose. ? Plus it took me a while to form some skills and automatisms and not just live with pretzels and pastries. Given that I did not eat sandwiches at school, because I could not stand them. :)) (being picky and dwarf talents, what do you expect? ?)

The good part and not at all disastrous is that since the Americans invented tupperware, it is much easier to prepare your salads for the office. ? Basically you make a stock of casseroles, prepare the ingredients, portion the salads, label them, put them in the fridge and voila, you have the food for the next three days. The same philosophy goes for children’s packages at school. Of course, we have logistical dilemmas, related to keeping the pots in temperature conditions, until the lunch break and heating them, but there are solutions. At the office it is even easier because the employer is obliged by law to offer you a lunch break and conditions for it. (If they comment, there’s ITM.)

There are many salads on the internet, it is important to combine vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates for a balanced meal. The variant below is vegetarian (you can put meat instead of beans for a meat recipe or remove the egg for a vegan recipe). It includes canned beans, 1 boiled egg, some couscous, tomatoes and green parsley. It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare it and it has a decent number of calories, being nutritious. You can season it with salt and pepper, the dressing should be separate, in a closed bottle / jar (keep for several days, if it is a vinaigrette – oil + vinegar / lemon).

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