Ep. 53 – crouton salad

Well, let me see, do you remember what you put in it? ? Yesssss. ❤ Canned tuna, canned corn, grated carrot and celery cut into thin slices or cubes. With regular dressing, lemon and oil.

The surprise is the homemade croutons. ? Because I wanted to buy them from the store and Chef said that the ones made at home are better.

Slices of bread or buns – what you have around the house – cut into cubes and throw in a pan. The older the bread is the better, it’s a kind of creative recycling. ? And a way to not throw away food. Pour some oil on them – olive, rapeseed or sunflower and season. I added a little salt, basil and rosemary. On high heat, mix them not to burn and to catch a beautiful color.

Disastrously good! ?

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