Ep. 45 – quick pies with cheese

Well, they turned out so good, that I was about to eat the whole tray instantly ? :)) They are made so fast, that by the time you read this week’s articles on the blog, they are ready baked.

Some puff pastry dough (fresh or thawed), cut into small rectangles and fill with a cheese composition. I put grated white cheese (telemea) and an egg, mixed well. The classic recipe says to mix white cheese with cottage cheese. Both fat, if you want something edible to come out. :))

A large spoonful of the composition, on half a puff pastry, spread the edges with water, then glued the two sides to come out a pate. Put in the tray on baking paper sprinkled with water, with space between them, at the medium heat, maximum half an hour.

Try not to burn them. ?

See here all the disasters in the kitchen.

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