Ep. 19 – Tomato Soup in Two Parts vs. Canned Tomato Soup

Part 1, chicken juice – some thighs, a little salt, boiled, foamed and when cooked, kept the juice (similarly it can be made from beef, bones, etc.). If you have the guts to make a larger quantity (and the needed pots), then you can continue to boil the juice without meat, cut it in half, cool it and put it in the freezer for when you do not have time to cook soup. I haven’t tried it yet, because I have a small freezer and I don’t have the right boxes for the liquid, but I’m thinkingabout it…

Part 2, the soup itself – carrot, celery, onion, a clove of garlic, basil, peppers, some freshly chopped hot peppers, tossed in a pot with a little oil, plus the chicken juice and possibly water (if needed), plus vegeta, plus some mashed or juiced tomatoes with the blender. Everything boiled.

Without anything else (well, if you want to spoil it, you can add some more potatoes and finally blend the whole composition until some cream soup comes out). Or with noodles.

The picture is from round number two, because the first one was so good that I ate it without taking any more pictures. :))) This time I received noodles from the west of the country, so I had the Banat version. ?

It’s the same as Knorr tomato soup (I still buy it as a backup for very busy days) except that it doesn’t have: palm oil, sugar, potato starch, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (wtf is this?) , aromas, yeast extras. (Let’s appreciate that it doesn’t have monoglutamate of I don’t know what, the shit that appears in everything and everywhere…)

The advantages of cooking from scratch vs. cooking with canned stuff are less calories, no chemicals and especially no palm oil. Ah yes, and it’s without traces of nuts, peanuts, milk and so on. ?

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