Ep. 10 – Cherry Tart

And what do we have today Fräulein? Eine kleine cherry pie. 🙂

Officially it’s one of the most complicated things I’ve ever done, considering that only the baking time exceeds one whole hour. Eine ganze Stunde !!! OMGosh… (Who does not understand the meaning of this, does not cook recipes for up to 15 minutes :)))

I have a book with recipes for pies and pies from overseas from which I was initially inspired. After that I started researching on the internet and inventorying different doughs. At the end of this stage I chose two options, one basic, with flour and fat and the second, in which eggs are added. It is quite simple to remember, the ratio is 1: 2 (1 serving fat, 2 flour).

Option 1 (for 2 sheets): 500g flour, 250g butter (or you can mix butter and margarine), 6 tablespoons cold water, salt.

Option 2 (for 2 sheets): 2 eggs are added to the above ingredients.

Variations: if you want a sweet dough you can add another tablespoon of sugar (although possibly the dough will be harder to handle), if you want a spicy dough, etc. add spices, if you want other fancy stuff, add ground nuts, etc. If it doesn’t bind properly, add some more water (I put about 8-10 tablespoons in the first version). The second dough may come out slightly sticky, if you put more water than necessary (either fix the situation by adding flour, or put it in the fridge and with a little luck it may spread at the end).

Knead the ingredients by hand or mixer, until they are bound in a dough (not too much, because it becomes elastic and there is no more fragile dough), then cover with foil and put in the fridge for about an hour.

I forgot to add salt to the first dough :)) After which I struggled to spread it – I don’t know if because I kneaded it too much with the mixer or because I forgot it too much in the fridge 🙂 . The second one I put it in the freezer, to fasten the process, because my patience was almost over. :))) Fortunately even if I put two more extra spoons of water, I was able to stretch it.

Remove from the fridge, divide the dough in two and spread it in two sheets, with the rolling pin. The first is placed in the tray, above the fruit filling and then the second sheet. I pricked them both with a fork.

Well, while the dough was in the fridge, I started preparing the cherries. About 3 kg :))) Two days after I finished eating the cake my fingers still haven’t recovered from the trauma of cleaning cherry pits :)))) I appreciated the fact that there are no more worms in cherries, but really does no one invent seedless cherries?

How to make the filling: in my case approx. 1 kg of pitted and washed cherries, mixed with 2-4 tablespoons of sugar (if you are American you will probably put a cup of sugar) and 3 tablespoons of flour. And if you want a few cubes of butter (which I missed, they didn’t seem relevant to me).

In a hot oven, I baked the tart on medium temperature for approx. 45 minutes, with an aluminum foil on top, then another 15-20 minutes, without foil. I wanted to put the foil at the end only on the edges, so it doesn’t burn, but I only managed to burn some fingers :))) At the second tart (yes, I made two: D) the temperature was too low so I had to leave it longer (don’t do as I did, you risk burning one side and the other left uncooked).

The tart is made when the dough is baked and the fruit filling makes some sexy bubbles :))

8 consistent portions came out – große und sehr gut ? (in a 25 cm tray). If you haven’t done it before, you can try it for the first time in a smaller tray, with only a part of the ingredients.

For the next round I would like to try the peach or apricot version. Let’s see what fruits will be in the market.

UPDATE 10.2020

I also tried the variants with plums and quince, with simple dough, without eggs, with less sugar.

Plum Tart – read here the recipe.

Quince Tart – check it out here.

See here all the disasters in the kitchen. 🙂

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