Ep. 14 – Eggplant and Beef Moussaka

I usually prefer to make lasagna, because the chance to mess it up is lower. :)) This time I said to change and make moussaka with no meat. I half boiled some new potatoes; cut the eggplant into thicker slices and put them in the oven, in the pan, on parchment paper and seasoned with salt and olive oil and let them softened slightly; opened a can of tomatoes in broth. Then I realized that ups, only potatoes and eggplants sound a bit strange even for me. :)) So I started making a sauce with minced beef, in which I added some onions, garlic and chopped carrots, spices, a glass of wine. And finally the tomatoes.

After the meat was well done, I discovered that the first tray is too small and the second one is too big. :)) Typical. Eventually I used the second one, in which I put a layer of potatoes, one of eggplant and the last one with the meat sauce, and on top some grated white cheese (yellow cheese or mozzarella, next time). If you have a bigger tray and enough ingredients, it is preferable to have a couple of layers. That and assuming you use potatoes that do not crumble.

The original version is made with bechamel sauce, but you have to run a lot of water on my local spring Spurcata until I get to eat something like that. :))) Again, I found a variant in which the eggplant is fried with breadcrumbs – you can try this too.

How many fingers did you burn Claudia? Only one. :))))

And the stove escaped whole? Well, a little dirty… :)))

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