[cakesandcoffee 1] – poppy cake

We are starting a special series with cakes, homemade sweets and coffees (or teas, according to your preferences), for when you want to take a break, but you are tired of the classic crunchy stuff from the bag. 🙂 Today we have a recipe for a poppy cake, in its original version ‘poppy seed bread’

Ep. 108 – chicken legs in a pan with grilled vegetables

The chicken: whole chicken legs, Romanian and not American (to fit in the pan), seasoned with a mix of spices (salt, pepper, cumin, rosemary, etc.), some unpeeled garlic cloves, smoked bacon (homemade preferably, if you don’t have, just buy from the store). Olive oil, a little water. Arranged nicely in the oven tray. Vegetables: zucchini,

Special ep. [fromquarantine] – chicken fajitas with salsa

Unlike you #poorpeople, I semi-isolated myself at home with Chef on call. 😀 Something that came bundled with conversations like: I’m hungry, what do we make to eat? A sandwich? No. We could make a pizza, but it takes a while. No. Well, then… Take some meat out of the freezer, we make fajitas!!! That

Ep. 107 – turned puff pastry with pineapple and caramel

Today we have a recipe from friends. That like to burn the caramel. 😀 🙂 😛 Well, in a saucepan (which can be used in the oven) make some caramel sauce – put sugar on the fire, burn lightly, quench with a little water and butter. When it has the consistency of a sauce, remove

Cookingbookclub 8| Mega Image’s recipes

As you remember this year we cook from # 321sourceofinspiration, the second being Mega Image’s Recipes. These people’ recipes are kind of broken. To my surprise. For instance, the picture, the list of ingredients and the description are 3 different things. Or the recipes are put in some dubious categories. So if you haven’t come

Ep. 106 – veggies a la Venice

Have you been to Venice without us? 😀 Noooo, my mother searched intensely through her collection of recipes and discovered a vegan recipe. 😛 By the way, many years ago, I tortured some volunteers with vegetables a la Șteaza… as you can see the creativity revolves around the family, lol. :)) Well, this is a

Special [LesHalles] ep. – tomato and fennel soup

Les Halles was a famous French bistro in New York. Opened in 1990, it went bankrupt in the summer of 2017, but we are left with some of the recipes thanks to the books of Anthony Bourdain, who worked there for a while. Well, this is an attempt to get our PhD in fancy recipes.

Ep. 105 – chicken and baked peppers stew with polenta

Every housewife knows how to make (at least) one stew and every disaster in the kitchen knows (at least) one way to quickly burn what you have in the fridge. 🙂 From the “15-30 minutes” category, today we have a dish with a super pretentious name. The haters will tell you that a real stew