Cookingbookclub 21

Welcome back to the 21st edition of #cookingbookclub directly from our green kitchen. I hope you did not put the spinach on the fire and that you stocked up on salads because this month we are learning to cook as many vegetables and fruits as possible and we are trying recipes from Giada de Laurentiis!

[greenkitchen3] – this year I eat more veggies and fruits

“I don’t eat vegetables.” I have heard this statement several times from people of different ages and I still do not understand what is it with vegetables and fruits in the diet of the natives. Because the traditional Romanian cuisine contains many recipes with vegetables and fruits. And we love potatoes with a lot of

[cakesandcoffee 25] – Portokalopita

I didn’t have time to bake a cake, but I ate Portokalopita at the mall, which is why I looked for the recipe, because at some point I will reproduce it myself. It’s like baklava, it’s just as sweet, but instead of walnut and syrup pie pastry, we have phyllo with a yogurt cream and