Ep. 65 – beautiful meat lasagna

Well, in recent years lasagna has been wreaking havoc on my regular menu. ? From “I don’t eat anything like that ever” to “be with vegetables or meat” believe me it took a lot of effort. And time. ? The variant below is with meat and peas. Maybe you remember the ragu sauce, in which

Ep. 64 – biscuit salami (chocolate salami)

Well and what do we have here? Biscuit salami. ❤ Childhood dessert, comfort food, de-li-ci-ous, are all synonymous for the same thing, an easy dessert to make, whose recipe I learned in secondary school. Yes, I had some kind of cooking/ housekeeping classes from which I didn’t learn much, except the recipes for biscuit salami,

Special ep. – falafel with tzatziki

Falafel. With tzatziki. Episode 3. This round we have a book for my cooking level. That is a cooking book for children. The book is for children, not the cooking. So, listing the recipe, I took the recipe (also American, also in their quantities, but partially translated into my quantities) in my pocket and went

Special ep. – hummus with red peppers

It took me a lot to choose this month’s recipe, so that the summer came before me deciding, that’s why the good temperature outside have chosen for me, to bake peppers on the tiles on my terrace. Therefore the recipe: Humus with red peppers (baked on the tiles on the terrace)! It pairs with raw

Ep. 63 – feast with tortilla, salmon and…

Well, because obviously I didn’t get past the kindergarten age, no matter how hard I tried, I loved this month’s book. ❤ ❤ Which is why I cooked not one, not two, but three delicious recipes. ? About a Sunday menu. Or for when your friends visit you and you want to impress them. Assuming

Cookingbookclub 3 | Children’s recipes

The third book proposed at the cookingbookclub in March / April was Ultimate Children’s Cookbook. I’m a big fan of colorful books (well, there is an explanation ?), with simple, nutritious and balanced recipes. What I liked about the book is that there are recipes that can be cooked by children or with children –

Ep. 62 – meatball soup

In the local culture, the classic meatball soup (or cousins, as we call it – is a Romanian language joke) is a test for the informal citizenship exam. If you destroy the aforementioned soup, you will have ninety years of bad luck, you will reincarnate as prime minister and you will never get married again.