Ep. 27 – Chinese from the fridge

To make it on a day when you have a complete lack of imagination.

I had some green beans in the fridge and after I cooked it, I realized I need some more veggies, therefore I searched through the vegetable box and got a carrot, a parsnip, a red pepper and a green zucchini. I peeled them, gracefully cut them into larger slices (lack of imagination and maximum laziness :))) and pan-fried them with a little oil. First the roots, then the rest, to remain slightly crunchy. I added the boiled green beans and soy sauce. To eat with Chinese noodles.

It’s something quick, with what you have in the fridge. Apart from the fact that I had to use a couple of pans, because I didn’t appreciate the quantity of vegetables correctly, I didn’t destroy anything. ? Well, it happens. :))

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