Ep. 23 – Smoked Salmon Sandwich

I happened to go to the family for lunch and left with some smoked salmon. Must eat on the same day. I searched for some ideas on the internet, because my brain was having a break day, but what I liked either contained pasta (hmmmm) or other non-existent ingredients in my almost empty refrigerator. As a result I had to improvise big time. :)))

On a bun with seeds, cut in half, I put the salmon broken into small pieces and on top I made a sauce from some mayo, some lime, some capers, some hot green peppers, bell peppers and celery. I saw that salmon usually is combined with cream cheese, capers and red onions, but my combination was not too disastrous either. Especially since the sauce came out quite sour, and I didn’t even count the calories. :)))

As dinner, after a day with apricot cakes, it rains in my mouth only when I remember. ?

Well, pastas? Another time. ❤

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