Ep. 61 – pastas with tuna or broccoli

Many years ago I told an Italian how we eat pasta with breadcrumbs – an absolutely unimaginable thing :)) – and he gave me a recipe for pasta with tuna in exchange.

Take a frying pan, throw in the contents of a can of tuna, some cloves of garlic, basil, salt, pepper, olive oil, chopped tomatoes or tomatoes in sauce and put it on the fire. I also added some red peppers.

The sauce is mixed with short pasta, cooked al dente.

There can be no disaster if you don’t ruin the pasta. ?

The second variant of pasta is even simpler. ? Boil some broccoli, then throw it in a pan with olive oil and some chopped garlic cloves. If you also want meat, well, you can be creative. ? Or you can see what you have in the fridge. At the end add basil and the boiled pasta.

No matter how disastrous you are, don’t boil pasta until it sticks. ? And don’t cook vegetables until they become pasta. ?

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