Ep. 54- apple crumble

Grease a saucepan with a little butter. You gracefully throw away leftover apples, which you can use in a cake or compote, cleaned and cut into pieces or slices, it really doesn’t matter. Sprinkle with cinnamon and possibly cardamom and, if you want, sugar. On top, cover the layer of apples with the noodles made from: wholemeal or normal flour, whatever, oatmeal, sugar, butter – about a tablespoon of each, to 2-3 large apples – I put out from eye, 1 tablespoon of flour, 80g butter, 3 tablespoons sugar (yes, I know, is a lot :)) and a cup of cereal. I used a mixture of cereals from Lidl. If you don’t like butter, you can change it with margarine or (vegan) solid coconut oil (keep it in the fridge first). If you don’t want cereal, just use flour. Cover all the apples with the batter. Bake on low heat for about 30 minutes or until the fruits are ripe and the batter on top is golden. ?

You can do with other fruits, of course.

It is a creative way to eat fruits and whole grains.

And because the universe works in mysterious ways, Jamie appeared in my feed with three different ways of fruit crumble. ? I leave here the link, for the next time when I will run out of ideas and I will want to do something good with fruit. ?

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