[greenkitchen5] – this year I use less energy and plastic

You know how it is, theory as theory, practice kills us. Perfectly illustrated by the theme of today’s episode. 🙂 It’s time to talk about energy and plastic in our green kitchen. If you came here by chance, we’re not talking about painting the walls green or buying green dishes. 😛 Because we are concerned

[greenkitchen4] – this year I learn to preserve food

In our lands, the preservation of food during the periods of surplus for the gray days is an ancient custom, which is still preserved in some households. The process has a cyclicity related to local seasons and traditions. Of course, nowadays you don’t need to put potatoes, onions and carrots in the cellar in the

[greenkitchen3] – this year I eat more veggies and fruits

“I don’t eat vegetables.” I have heard this statement several times from people of different ages and I still do not understand what is it with vegetables and fruits in the diet of the natives. Because the traditional Romanian cuisine contains many recipes with vegetables and fruits. And we love potatoes with a lot of