Ep. 30 – sponge cake with cherries

There is nothing better to celebrate a long autumn than a classic cherry cake. Well Claudia, cherries from where? From the freezer or a jar. ? Drained well. I had a fat-free sponge cake recipe in my notebook, after which I remembered the sponge made with oil, so I called a friend. ? Chef said

Ep. 29 – some quinces (again)

For reasons beyond my control, autumn came, it got cold (brrrr) and I got a bag of quince. I would have cooked them with some meat, but I thought it was too much effort… I would have turned them into pie, but I’m not allowed carbohydrates… To look at them, well, it worked for about

Ep. 28 – carp brine

Weeeeeell, Claudia, don’t you tell us now that you know how to make brine? ? Me, only in theory, but my father knows ❤ I thought you got bored of so many cakes and it would be time to have some more proteins. :)) In this case, carp brine with the fish caught by my

Ep. 27 – Chinese from the fridge

To make it on a day when you have a complete lack of imagination. I had some green beans in the fridge and after I cooked it, I realized I need some more veggies, therefore I searched through the vegetable box and got a carrot, a parsnip, a red pepper and a green zucchini. I