Ep. 3 – Oat Cookies

Habemus the recipe. 🙂

In the first bowl we mix 250 g butter, 220 g sugar (brown, if you have) until the sugar melts (so looooong ???), then add 2 eggs, first one, then the other – by hand or with a mixer? the answer is yes; the butter should be cold or at room temperature? the answer is yes – second choice, clearly. ? In a second bowl we put 255 g of oatmeal, 160 g of flour, half a teaspoon of baking powder, salt, plus, if you want, dried fruits, nuts or hazelnuts, pieces of chocolate. I mixed oatmeal with wheat flakes and some cranberries. At the end, bowl 1 + bowl 2 = love, a slightly sticky dough, mixed with a spoon and / or hand; we slice the cookies into balls of approx. 1/2 tablespoon or a walnut; put them in the tray on baking paper, with space between them, flattened only slightly, because the heat will flatten them. The oat cookies are baked for 10-12 minutes on a medium temperature, depending on your luck and stove; when you take them out of the pan they are super soft and can break if you are not careful, but when they cool they harden.

There are some shows on youtube with the difference between reality and expectation. ? About the same here – at the masterclass they came out like in the picture here. In junior disasters class – no problem, I ate them all right away – they came out as in the picture below. 🙂

These are round three and slightly retouched, to look good in the picture. :)))

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