Ep. 2 – Some Quince

Recipes for disasters as big as me. ❤ For everyone else there are specialized cooking sites. 🙂

In order to make this recipe, first of all you must have the right ambiance: Pink, listened loudly and about 2-3 utensils dropped by mistake on the tiles, in the neighbor’s head in the apartment below (if you don’t have neighbors, borrow some!).

How was this fabulous recipe born? Well, I’m tired of my usual dish with vegetables, so I said let’s make some in the oven. Then the quinces on the table popped into my eyes. They’ve been there since last fall, when I bought them to do something with them. Every two weeks they reappeared on the must-use-them list, but it seems their life in my kitchen was longer than the government tax law…

Vegan recipe with quince: peel some carrots, parsnips, an onion (I use red) and 2 quinces, cut them into rounds, larger pieces, throw them in the pan with a little oil and spices (do not forget the salt, yes ?), add water and throw them in the oven. From time to time you mix them in and – preferably – take them out of the oven when they are cooked, but still whole and before burning them completely. ? To be used as a garnish or main course, as the case may be.

Must match them with a little philosophy: listen to this one “… the menu is Romanian, but different. The ingredients used are 100% those identified only in old cookbooks. A place where olive oil is replaced with walnuts, pumpkin seeds or rapeseed, rosemary with marjoram and juniper is among the most beloved and used spices. ”(Quote from fb, from some local fancy restaurant). The truth is that olives grow in ro bigger than bananas and avocado. :)) I don’t even want to mention the rapeseed oil used on my grandparents’ time, all the recipes were full of it (or palm oil, my memory doesn’t help…). ?

Use some quince (if you don’t feel like eating them as vegetables, you can make them liqueur). :))

See here all the disasters in the kitchen. ?

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