Ep. 25 – Another Potatoes Salad

In high school I know I had a few hours of cooking, put in after sewing and crocheting and before those about iron components (what do you know, the real .ro woman from the 90’s couldn’t iron clothes if she didn’t know how to unscrew the iron with a screwdriver…). In theory there was a kind of makeshift kitchen with a stove and a table, but in practice all the things learned were with ingredients brought from home and prepared without much logistics. Or so I remember. The most famous recipe was the one of oriental salad, made of potatoes, onions, boiled eggs, sour peppers or sour cucumbers and possibly black olives.

Today’s salad is an improved version of what you have in the fridge. ? In this case, in addition to the classic boiled potatoes, some chicken, boiled eggs, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers and grated carrots. Plus a dressing of oil and lime juice (that was on sale at the hypermarket).

The potato salad thus joins other extremely filling dishes that are prepared with what you have in the fridge, such as pizza. ?

And I think you already know, if you want vegan, you just put potatoes + vegetables, for vegetarian, you add some vegetarian ingredients and if you have no problem, you can combine the list above or what you can find in your fridge.

These being from the fridge (I repeated the subliminal message 100 times? Yesss :))), good luck and good appetite.

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