Ep. 135 – stuffed pumpkin

At the last editorial meeting of the kitchen disasters between me and my other personalities, one as stormy as those of Caragiale, lol, I came to the conclusion that this Halloween / Local Harvest Day we will promote a recipe stolen from friends . :)) One with a lot of honey to erase the sour-bitter taste of this covid year and with two rounds of elections…

Well, I’ve never cooked stuffed pumpkin, but I invited myself at the right time to my friend, who is an expert. 😛

For this recipe you need a pumpkin of the right size – more precisely, the two pieces must fit in the oven tray, otherwise you will have to improvise. Big time. 😀

Cut it in half, clean the seeds, wash, then bake it in the oven, over low heat until suitable, until the core is slightly done (try it with a fork).

Then follows the second stage: the interior is filled with a mixture of nuts, various seeds, hazelnuts, dried fruits if you want, honey and spices (cinnamon, hot peppers, etc.).

Put it back in the oven for another 25-30 minutes. At the end it should look like in the picture below. 🙂

If you burned it too hard, no problem, you’ll know next time. If it is still hard, keep it in the oven. 🙂 And if you have pumpkin left and you don’t know what to do with it… have you tried pumpkin cream soup?

PS1: we use pumpkin for cooking, not pumpkin for lanterns, right? 😀

PS2: next year let’s hope we do Buhuhu Evening again (connoisseurs know what it’s about)… 🙂

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[cakesandcoffee 7] – pear cake

Maybe you’re wondering what Chef is up to these days? He’s dealing with cakes. :)))))

This recipe came in handy, because otherwise I would have had to stress you with a coffee with amaretto or maybe a fruit tart… But don’t worry, we’ll see in the next episode… 🙂

So today we have a clean disaster recipe for the silhouette, but good for everything. With a thick walnut top, a layer of pears and a light cream of mascarpone with cream.

Ingredients: 125g melted butter, 50g brown sugar, 5g starch (1 teaspoon), 350g roasted ground walnuts, 140g flour, 6 eggs, 200g sugar, 1 baking powder, 8g salt, 300ml cream, 250g mascarpone, 4-5 pears, 200g almond flakes. Optional: cinnamon and cardamom.

Dough: mix the walnuts in a bowl with the flour and baking powder. In another bowl beat the eggs with the sugar, salt and half of the butter until the sugar melts; then add the walnut mixture with flour and mix with a spatula.

Pour the other half of the melted butter into the cake pan and sprinkle starch mixed with brown sugar. Arrange the sliced ​​pears (quarters) and pour the dough on top.

Bake at 180 degrees (medium heat) for about 50 minutes or depending on the oven provided (check with a toothpick).

When it is taken out of the oven, turn it over a plate until it is hot, then let it cool completely.

Cream: whip the cream with the mixer, then mix with mascarpone. It coats the cake, pre-cooled. Sprinkle the roasted almond flakes on the side and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

8-12 servings come out. Wonderful. 🙂 To enjoy it with coffee with friends on zoom. 🙂

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Ep. 134 – rice with chickpea and lemon

Or how I destroyed the rice. With a pinterest-inspired vegan recipe – yeeess, I saved several on a Greek sunny day outside. :)))

Well, I might be a disaster, but I can’t stand the dishes where the rice is boiled until the grain is gone. Like the traditional pilaf – is a big no-no. 🙂 For this reason in recent years I bought basmati or portioned rice in the bag, because it boils quickly and the grain keeps its shape.

It would have been logical to do the same now, respectively to boil the rice separately and add it along the way or at the end… but I said that what the motherofdisaster can happen, let’s follow the recipe… :))))

By the way, now I hope you understand why I am very reluctant to follow recipes’ instructions and prefer free improvisation. 🙂

This Mediterranean-inspired recipe says to sauté a chopped onion and garlic in 2 tablespoons of olive oil, then add a cup (can) of boiled chickpeas and half a cup of rice, salt, pepper, bay leaf. Put over 1 tablespoon of tahini previously mixed with the juice of a lemon and about 3-4 tablespoons of water; cover with water or chickpea juice and simmer for about 20 minutes, until the rice is cooked through. Serve with chopped parsley and lemon slices. Very good for some vitamin C to immunize the body. 😀

The problem is this: rice cooked on the stove usually requires you to get the amount of water + temperature + cooking time. As a result, I put everything in the oven. The planets didn’t line up there either, because I put in too much water, so my rice boiled… and kept boiling…

Well pinkkittysuperdisaster, and did you eat? I ate because it tasted good, even though it looked disastrous. And not at all like on pinterest. :)))

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Ep. special [mexican] – enchiladas with zucchini

If we had the version with tortillas, I found another recipe, inspired by Pinterest.

Although you probably think that we fill tortillas with zucchini or squash, well, you were wrong. :)) In fact the slices of zucchini will be filled with chicken, in the version with meat. But you can be creative and have a vegan version, with vegetable filling (I would put carrots, peppers for example, but you can combine mushrooms or other things) or vegetarian (I have no idea, improvise: D).

2 zucchini – you can find some that are not just pips, because you will not be able to use that part – I tried, it did not come out.

Wash thoroughly, cut the tail, then slice it with an alien. 😀 In length, from one end to the other. Three pieces will be used, overlaid and with little space between them.

Stuffing: onion, garlic, minced boiled meat, cumin, salt, pepper, chili, oil. Saute them until the meat is almost done and there is no more juice.

Put a small amount on the slices of zucchini, roll, put in a jena bowl. Or what you use in general.

In this version, grate some mozzarella or cheese on top and add tomato sauce.

Bake at the right heat for about half an hour, until the cheese has melted and is golden in color. Try not to burn vegetables! 🙂

In all honesty, I was expecting another disaster to come out, because zucchini are softening… but what am I not destroying for this blog… :)))))

But, no, it turned out so good that I’ll do it again another time. 😛 (Small) disaster to be, lucky to be. :))))))

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Ep. 133 – peasant soup with potatoes and leek

In the original recipe, a ton of chopped leeks (11 cups) is sautéed in 6 tablespoons of butter, then you add a tablespoon of flour and cook for another 2 minutes, put about 1 kg of potatoes cut into large pieces and cover with 5 cups of chicken soup; season with salt, pepper and bay leaf. At the end, when the potatoes are cooked, you can add pieces of sausage (being a Polish recipe, kielbasa – you have to go to the Poles after them 😛) or a cup of boiled white beans.

Well, as fast as you say disaster, I changed the recipe. :)))) It seems logical to me, the idea is to eat it, not to throw it in the trash. 🙂

I sautéed leek in a little sunflower oil, but a much smaller amount, I added potatoes and recycled chicken soup – SPECIALLY made for this recipe !!! – more precisely the juice. 🙂 I kept the rest of the spices, because there was ok and I added some more vegeta, from the one that doesn’t have a lot of salt. I ignored the fried flour. At the last step I put some semi-smoked sausages, fried separately… because disaster as I am, if I haven’t bought such things lately, I found out that the one I bought were fresh and could not be put in soup like that. :)))))

The combination of potatoes and beans seems criminal to me. :))))) But I have a hunch it will reappear in some South American recipe. 🙂

This soup is suitable for a rainy and slightly cold day. :))) For Transylvanians it looks like a lengthened potato stew, in which someone put too much onion. :)))))

If you want to make it vegan, put vegetable soup and ignore the sausages at the end (you can add the beans, because only potato juice with leeks…). 🙂

The recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen.

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Cookingbookclub 11| Gennaro’s recipes

As you remember this year we cook from # 321sourceofinspiration, the number five source being Gennaro Contaldo’s recipes.

I really like Gennaro because everything is very simple with him. 😛 The truth is that food must be edible, nutritious, full of nutrients, not just an instagram picture. People cooked food because they needed energy and because it is a way to socialize and relax for a few minutes a day between tasks. This recent nonsense of ours, of eating everything as if the bears are chasing you, of putting all the crap in us, full of chemicals and not appreciating the food, as long as there are millions of people who have nothing to eat and are forced to survive with nothing, well, it already has unsuspected effects, which are seen in obesity, in dependence on sugar and salt and in the fact that there are generations who do not know how to burn anything in the kitchen. 🙂

Gennaro has many simple recipes, easy to cook, fast and with few ingredients. Of course, he is Italian, so in one form or another, it’s all pasta. :)))) I saved some fish recipes, which looked disastrously good, for another time. 🙂

And did you have a pasta party? I had a pasta party. 😀 🙂

Linguini with tomatoes and mozzarella

I used spaghetti no. 5 from Barilla, they were the first ones I got my hands on in the pantry while I was on the phone (I have to get rid of this habit). In the pan, put olive oil, a clove of garlic and some chilli (hot peppers from the market are very good), any type of tomatoes (if you don’t find cherry or Roma tomatoes), cut them and add into the pan, let everything cook a little to mix the flavors, add pasta, some mozzarella, some basil. Real disaster !!! 😀

Pasta All’amatriciana

Also spaghetti, because otherwise I use short pasta and Romanian macaroni didn’t seem right to me. 🙂 You can also use bucatini or rigatoni, he says on the net. In the pan put olive oil, garlic, chopped onion and some chopped kaizer (pancetta or scallops), pour over chopped tomatoes or tomato broth, add pasta, pecorino (if you eat). I didn’t burn them, but they were a disaster! 😛

Pasta with tomatoes and olives

It’s not from Gennaro, it’s from Italian nonnas and it’s also with pasta, plus I had to finish some olives from the fridge. :))) I didn’t make the pasta, I used what I had in the house. In the pan put garlic, hot peppers, chopped colored tomatoes, olive oil, capers and olives. Finally add the pasta and some chopped green parsley. I ate until I said disaster! 😀

The next virtual meeting of our club will be at the beginning of November.

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Ep. 15 – pork soup with cumin

Or a kind of goulash that is not really goulash, but is close. 😀

I didn’t know exactly what soup to make, although I felt like a tomato soup. In the end I took a package of some pieces of meat out of the freezer, only I couldn’t find the label and from the plane it seemed to be something between pork and beef. There were really pieces of pork, that is why the tomato soup turned into a pork soup. With vegetables from the fridge. :)) In this case carrots, onions, parsnips, green peppers and frozen green beans. I would have put celery, but I forgot about it, because it was in the freezer. :)) And I prepared the green beans as a second course, as a result I had a rather empty soup and not many options, no more beans or potatoes. Disaster, I told you. :)))

Well I solve it in the end, with some cumin, vegeta, two chopped tomatoes and dumplings – csipetke (made from egg and flour). Then I realized that if I put beef and possibly a potato, plus some paprika, it would have been a mama mia goulash. :))))

It tastes super good, probably because I cooked the meat and vegetables properly. :))) Next time I put more water, because if I didn’t know who cooked it, I could have sworn she’s a Transylvanian from Sibiu. :))))

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Ep. 14 – eggplant and beef moussaka

I usually prefer to make lasagna, because the chance to mess it up is lower. :)) This time I said to change and make moussaka with no meat. I half boiled some new potatoes; cut the eggplant into thicker slices and put them in the oven, in the pan, on parchment paper and seasoned with salt and olive oil and let them softened slightly; opened a can of tomatoes in broth. Then I realized that ups, only potatoes and eggplants sound a bit strange even for me. :)) So I started making a sauce with minced beef, in which I added some onions, garlic and chopped carrots, spices, a glass of wine. And finally the tomatoes.

After the meat was well done, I discovered that the first tray is too small and the second one is too big. :)) Typical. Eventually I used the second one, in which I put a layer of potatoes, one of eggplant and the last one with the meat sauce, and on top some grated white cheese (yellow cheese or mozzarella, next time). If you have a bigger tray and enough ingredients, it is preferable to have a couple of layers. That and assuming you use potatoes that do not crumble.

The original version is made with bechamel sauce, but you have to run a lot of water on my local spring Spurcata until I get to eat something like that. :))) Again, I found a variant in which the eggplant is fried with breadcrumbs – you can try this too.

How many fingers did you burn Claudia? Only one. :))))

And the stove escaped whole? Well, a little dirty… :)))

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Special ep.: cherry jam

Until we can find cherries / sour cherries in the market. 🙂

The process was a long and elaborate disaster. I picked the cherries with these two little hands. For some long hours, although I did not perceive the passage of time, only the roaring song of the rooster (boy, this one sings during the day too, who would have thought. :)))) After which I got home. And I thought that in two steps and three movements I would peel a box of cherries. Big mistake, huge mistake. :)))) Around 9 pm, I was waiting for the sugar to melt and bring the cherries to a boil. Something that happened in about 3 rounds, due to insufficient utensils. :))) Then came a new day, to put bones, muscles and joints in place, such as robocop, and a new disaster – look for jars, call a friend, because they are not enough, wash the jars, sterilize them, boil the jam, it doesn’t thicken, what do we do, call our friend again. :))) Finally I did the test with the fridge (put the jam in the fridge and if it thickens, it’s done :)))) and the result was not so disastrous. Victory!!!

I saw that the local recipes use 1 to 1 ratio – a kilogram of fruit for a kilogram of sugar and cooked until they thicken, plus some lemon as a preservative. Germans are more normal, usually use 1 to 2 – half a kilo of sugar with gelfix to a kilo of fruit, left to sit for 2 hours, boiled for 4 minutes and put in a jar. I put 350g of sugar per kilo of fruit plus half gelfix 3in1, but I boiled the fruits with sugar until it reduced to about a third of the amount.

What I didn’t understand is why is palm oil in gelfix ???? Honestly, you can find palm oil in everything, it’s absurd…

The final disaster was also a lesson in physics – can textiles carry the liquid from the tea? Yes, they can. :))) But can they do the same with the jam? Yes, the can do it, too. :))))

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Ep. 13 – beet borscht

Tell us right now, did you succeed in not altering the original recipe? Weeeell…. :))))

Inspired by our neighbors (Ukrainians, Russians or Poles, as you prefer) beet borscht can be a long soup, my case, or not, in the case of Jamie Oliver. And even a cream soup made with a blender, if you start reading vegan books (better not :)))). I took the red cabbage out of the recipe, because I didn’t have any :D, and I thought of replacing it with potatoes. It’s just that until I remember them, the borscht was boiled and I ate it. :)))

Well, how to do it: finely chop red onion, garlic, celery, carrots, tomatoes and beets and throw them in a pot with salt, pepper, vegeta, oil, basil and sautee the vegetables, then add water or meat or vegetable stock (if you are talented); if you want the version with red cabbage, add chopped one; if you want potatoes, put them towards the end, cut into pieces.

It has a beautiful color and it tastes super good (if you haven’t forgotten to season it :))). I let the vegetables be a little crunchy, because I don’t like super cooked ones.

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