Ep. 60 – banana pancakes with apple sauce

An option for the days when you don’t know what to eat for breakfast. ? Banana pancakes are the version with a thick dough, which still flows easily. I made you dizzy, I know! :))

Well, the quantities are approximate, because I never measure the ingredients. Sorry. 🙂

A ripe banana, crushed with a fork, a pinch of salt, an egg, a couple of tablespoons of flour and a couple of tablespoons of water. Mixed with a fork or a whisk. If you want to put milk instead of water, it’s perfect. Sugar, you don’t have to, because ripe bananas are very sweet. A thick dough comes out and you pour it into a pan, greased with a little oil.

The pancake (or pancakes, because you might make two) is fried over low heat on both sides. If it burns easily, it’s not a disaster. :))

Consume with a simple fork or with fruit sauce. I had some apples that I grated, boiled them with cinnamon and a little lemon juice and blend them into a sauce.

Carbohydrates with fruit, but worth it. On the word of disaster. ?

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