Cookingbookclub 15 | Ina Garten’s recipes

I don’t know how I ended up with a long list of vegetarian/ vegan recipes. Without bothering too much. :))))) What I tried: Moroccan couscous (with vegetables) – see the recipe here. I made Moroccan couscous before, but with chickpeas. This time the recipe is only with vegetables. A tasty disaster. 🙂 Green string beans

Special ep.: lentil soup with sausages

Good idea for this soup from Ina Garten. It is basically a vegan soup, but it can be improved with sausages. And grated Parmesan cheese for fans of this product. 🙂 For 3-4 servings I used half a cup of green lentils, an onion, a clove of garlic, a carrot, two stalks of celery and

Special ep.: Moroccan couscous (with vegetables)

Well, this is a variation on the Moroccan couscous, only it does not have chickpeas in it, like the recipe tried last year, but a mix of seasonal vegetables. All I can say is that it is done quite quickly and the result is disastrously delicious! 😀 What vegetables do we use? I tried to

Special ep. – festive couscous

Well, the trick of this main course – garnish are the spices. Usually I made couscous mixed with a little salt or vegeta. This time, however, I used, as written in the recipe, a mixture of spices, which raised the couscous to another level. 😀 To prepare the recipe, boil a large cup of water.

Special ep. – red salad

Nigella’s red salad, used as an entree, I think is one of the fastest inventions. From three ingredients, YEIII! Specifically, a can of red beans, rinsed well and drained is placed in a bowl. Separately cut a red onion, julienne or cubes, as you prefer, and mix with a little vinegar (I used balsamic vinegar)

Special ep. – fruit salad with antioxidants

Nigella fruit salad with just three ingredients. 🙂 Plus antioxidants and lots of vitamins. 😀 Guess why I chose the recipe? Because it had mangoes in it!!! I just ate the mango until I made the fruit salad, like a real disaster, lol. So I adapted. Which I recommend to you every time. Don’t cling

Ep. 134 – Rice with Chickpea and Lemon

Or how I destroyed the rice. With a pinterest-inspired vegan recipe – yeeess, I saved several on a Greek sunny day outside. :))) Well, I might be a disaster, but I can’t stand the dishes where the rice is boiled until the grain is gone. Like the traditional pilaf – is a big no-no. ?

Ep. 114 – bruschetta with tomatoes

This month we have a series of disastrously simple but super fancy recipes to impress your friends. 🙂 Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer with different toppings, from tomatoes with basil to vegetables, sausages or cheese. Today we have the classic version, with four ingredients and 15 minutes of preparation. 🙂 But the end result, maaamaaaamiiiiiiaaaa,

Special ep. [withyeastandflour] – French toast

Well, this competitive break is good for something. 😀 For example, I found out that the bread in the egg, which you know as ‘frigănele’, is actually French toast. If I stretch the egg with water, others use milk; plus the topping can be honey, or sugar, or sweet and spicy syrups. Like some kind

Ep. 93 – couscous with carrots and almonds

Well, today we have the kind of food that can be, as the case may be, the main course or side dish. 🙂 In fact, the recipe was with bulgur, only it is fine, thank you, on the store shelf. 🙂 So I found the couscous in the pantry. I put a cup with about

Ep. 86 – bean salad

The only disaster that can happen is not to find canned beans on the shelf :)) Well, a can of red beans mix with tomatoes, red onion and green parsley, finely chopped, plus some oil and lemon or lime juice. It is eaten with tortillas (because that’s all there is in the house :))). —

Special ep. – pumpkin cream soup

From Oana, we have a special recipe today. ? So I don’t know what’s with the extra healthy vegan recipes (not where the idea that vegans are extra healthy comes from, but that’s another discussion…), but you say that the authors conceived them during a delirium in which the thought was on steaks and cheeses,

Ep. 79 – wholemeal pasta pudding with eggplant

Well, this is obviously an invented title. ? But what would be the combination of pasta, eggplant and mozzarella called? (If you have better ideas, I look forward to them). ? This recipe looks like a lasagna, only I put a limited amount of pasta (did you succeed? I did it!). So you measure 100g

Ep. 73 – breakfast burrito

Whole grain pita (accidentally found at Lidl), 2-egg omelet, pickled cucumbers. Rolled like pancakes, wrapped in foil, eaten in the car. Disastrous fast. Here you have, a breakfast on the go. :)) Can you use regular pita? Yes, but you need to warm them before, because there are not very elastic. Can other fillings be

Special ep. – yellow string beans with onion

Yellow string beans with onions. Episode 4. Carmen mother… Take a 401 pages book with recipes for grills, pies and other things that Americans eat at the barbecue. Okay, 376 if you don’t count the covers, the contents list and some nonsense. Read it once. Forget about it. Read it again. Think about. And conclude:

Ep. 69 – and even more beautiful veggie lasagna

For years, a picture of a box of German lasagna haunted me. Between the layers of pasta you could see the juicy vegetables, super artistically arranged and layers of nauseating bechamel sauce. ? Luckily I became an adult and discovered that, well, the recipes exist to be changed. :)) Which is why I started making

Ep. 61 – pastas with tuna or broccoli

Many years ago I told an Italian how we eat pasta with breadcrumbs – an absolutely unimaginable thing :)) – and he gave me a recipe for pasta with tuna in exchange. Take a frying pan, throw in the contents of a can of tuna, some cloves of garlic, basil, salt, pepper, olive oil, chopped

Ep. 60 – banana pancakes with apple sauce

An option for the days when you don’t know what to eat for breakfast. ? Banana pancakes are the version with a thick dough, which still flows easily. I made you dizzy, I know! :)) Well, the quantities are approximate, because I never measure the ingredients. Sorry. 🙂 A ripe banana, crushed with a fork,

Ep. 57 – baked vegetables

More vegan than this, I do not know :))) Beets: washed, peeled, cut into thick slices, placed in a tray directly or on baking paper and sprinkled with oil, plus spices (salt, pepper, thyme, etc.). Bake over medium heat. Vegetable mix: carrot, celery, parsnip, red onion, zucchini, red pepper. The same principle, oil and spices,

Ep. 53 – crouton salad

Well, let me see, do you remember what you put in it? ? Yesssss. ❤ Canned tuna, canned corn, grated carrot and celery cut into thin slices or cubes. With regular dressing, lemon and oil. The surprise is the homemade croutons. ? Because I wanted to buy them from the store and Chef said that

Ep. 51 – hummus

Well, I don’t know if I told you how excited I am about my blender. Until it, I used to have two options: to buy the hummus from the shop – sometimes is ok, other times not really or to use the meat grinder – a semi-horror experience. Ever since the blender, I threw all

Ep. 47 – salad with apples

What did the author of this picture mean? ? Well, I’ll tell you a secret, but it stays between us, okay? ? This time I made the salad, I ate it, after which I remembered that I didn’t write anywhere what I put in it… as a result I had to rummage through my memory

Ep. 42 – vegetable meatballs

From my mother’s successful experiments, today we have a vegetarian product. 🙂 Grate carrots, celery, parsnips, potatoes, drain them well of juice and mix them with chopped dill, salt, pepper, egg, flour, to bind the composition. Sprinkle with flour mixed with breadcrumbs and fry in an oil bath. They are eaten hot, delivered at home.

Ep. 34 – fish tacos

Everything from scratch and adapted, because well, we are on the wrong continent. ? Salsa: a raw mango, more sour than lemons – the specialty of local supermarkets – combined with some canned papaya, a red pepper and some pickled jalapenos. Finely chopped, let the flavors mix. Fish: fish fillets – cod, in my case

Ep. 28 – carp brine

Weeeeeell, Claudia, don’t you tell us now that you know how to make brine? ? Me, only in theory, but my father knows ❤ I thought you got bored of so many cakes and it would be time to have some more proteins. :)) In this case, carp brine with the fish caught by my

Ep. 27 – Chinese from the fridge

To make it on a day when you have a complete lack of imagination. I had some green beans in the fridge and after I cooked it, I realized I need some more veggies, therefore I searched through the vegetable box and got a carrot, a parsnip, a red pepper and a green zucchini. I

Ep. 18 – 3 Salad Ideas for Hot Summer Days

My general salad recipe contains variations, combinations and arrangements from the following expression: potatoes, pasta or rice (carbs) + vegetables (veggies) + meat, fish, egg, cheese, beans, chickpeas (protein) + dressing, spices. The big advantage is that it is prepared extremely quickly, especially if you have the ingredients ready to cook. ? Disaster is when

Ep. 13 – Beet Borscht

Tell us right now, did you succeed in not altering the original recipe? Weeeell…. :)))) Inspired by our neighbors (Ukrainians, Russians or Poles, as you prefer) beet borscht can be a long soup, my case, or not, in the case of Jamie Oliver. And even a cream soup made with a blender, if you start

Ep. 12 – Fish and Potatoes Salad

Chef asks me, don’t we better make a potato salad with fish? Well, what a question. :))) The recipe is inspired by Jamie Oliver and it is so good that it is worth sharing on fast forward. 😛 Some new potatoes washed well (I use a green alien as a brush) and boiled. Some fish

Ep. 11 – Tuna with Mayo

What else did you destroy this time? :)) Nothing. ? I just modified the recipe a bit, through the essential parts. :))) Well, I combined a canned tuna with red onion and green olives, a little mayonnaise, salt, pepper and lemon juice. I saw on the internet that celery is usually added and mayonnaise is

Ep. 7 – Stuffed Eggplant

I’ve cooked it in the past, but of course I deviated from the original recipe. ? İmam bayıldı as it is called in the original language, it contains eggplant plus onion, garlic and tomatoes and a ton of olive oil (from which the imam is said to have fainted, of emotion that his wife consumed

Ep. 5 – Macedonian stew with chickpeas and eggplant

I was actually looking for cupcake ideas when I came across a book with Mediterranean recipes. On this occasion I found out that not only did the Turks take our stuffed cabbage rolls and eggplants on bread, but the Greeks also make traditional bean soup (lol), and the Spaniards make cousins soup…. uuups, meat balls.