Ep. 93 – couscous with carrots and almonds

Well, today we have the kind of food that can be, as the case may be, the main course or side dish. 🙂

In fact, the recipe was with bulgur, only it is fine, thank you, on the store shelf. 🙂 So I found the couscous in the pantry. I put a cup with about two cups of warm water, some vegeta and a little olive oil to hydrate. If you hit the right proportions, the water evaporates and voila, you have four servings of carbohydrates in a maximum of 10 minutes. 😛

Couscous mixed with grated carrot, finely chopped green onions and almond flakes. Cumin, salt, pepper. Lemon juice and olive oil. If it doesn’t taste good, you didn’t hit the quantities. :))))

If you don’t want a vegan dish, you can use it as a fish garnish. Or something else. 🙂

Good food to detox after the holidays. 🙂

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