Special ep. [withyeastandflour] – French toast

Well, this competitive break is good for something. 😀 For example, I found out that the bread in the egg, which you know as ‘frigănele’, is actually French toast.

If I stretch the egg with water, others use milk; plus the topping can be honey, or sugar, or sweet and spicy syrups. Like some kind of cake. :)) Plus it’s a creative way to use old bread (whoever was born before ’89 knows this, hipsters will brag about not wasting the planet’s resources, lol).

The egg bread I know is food for breakfast. Whole egg, mixed with a fork, with a little salt and pepper and possibly a little water (milk); sliced ​​bread (made with flour and yeast from the pantry :D); put the slices of bread through the egg, on both sides and fry them in a pan with a little oil.

Eaten with seasonal salad or chopped vegetables. I put some cut cherry tomatoes for the artistic impression. 😛

If you are at home and don’t know what to do with homemade flour and yeast, you can choose to burn: maneesh, panettone, ciabatta or you can try a recipe from this month’s #cookingbookclub.

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