Special ep.: grilled eggplants with feta, mint and balsamic vinegar

If you do not have a grill available and do not make a large quantity, use a frying pan. And open the window. 🙂

For one portion I used half an eggplant (the one that doesn’t have too many seeds), washed and cut into thin round slices. Gordon says to mix some olive oil with minced/ crushed garlic, salt, pepper and grease the eggplant slices, then put them on the grill for about 2 minutes on each side. I baked them, then put the oil on them and let them sit for a while in a bowl with a lid.

On a plate, insert the slices of baked eggplant with slices of tomatoes, crush some feta on top, then add a drop of balsamic vinegar, mint and black pepper.

You can also try grilled zucchini. It will be no disaster. 🙂

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